About AI filtered

Simple aggregator of various ML-related sources in one place:

  • discussions from subreddits: r/machinelearning and (heavily filtered) r/futurology
  • Andrej Karpathy's, Papers with code's, and DeepAI's stats on papers from arxiv
  • articles from google news suggested in artificial intelligence section (also heavily filtered)
  • industry blogs (DeepMind, Microsoft, Google, OpenAI) and good magazines (Synced Review, The Conversation, AI Weirdness)
  • subjective choice of quality podcasts (TWiML, Let's Talk AI, Yannic Kilcher, Two Minute Papers, Lex Fridman) and education blogs (ML Mastery, KDnuggets, Jay Alammar, The Gradient, Distill.pub)

How it works: each item is scored by weights given to specific sources, popularity metrics, and rough quality evaluations; then items are sorted by the score, cut for chosen timeframes, and sorted again, usually by date (in one case - last month page - original top scoring is left). No fancy ML at the moment.

Categories are detected in "precision over recall" manner. They'll get better in the future!


Website was created in August 2020 by Rafał Grochala (@Ivegot99introns). Layout was designed by Aybüke Ceylan (codepen).

Current version: beta (0.6) # 5th September 2020.